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Today we discuss few interesting aspects of bathroom lightning. As you probably know, good lightning of room can make interior very pleasant and calm, add relaxing atmosphere or create something....

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For an ideal kitchen (3 rd party)

    The ability of the saucepan choice for a given food should be proportionate to the amount of this. More precisely, the food has to fill the pot for....

Ideal kitchen

For an ideal kitchen

      A demonstration IMCO is a pleasant meeting with friends. No mention of prices, we conclude contracts, these topics may be touched on later, when the seller IMCO has....


Only the strongest will survive

  Prisoner’s Dilemma is a fundamental problem in game theory and negotiation processes. It ‘was developed by the famous mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr United States, who received the Nobel....


All for one and one for all

  One for all and all for one. A chip that recognizes’, iPad iPhone Mac laptop and tablet, and all the devices that recognize the same chip. That is, in....