Written by Tendenzias

4th of July 2012

On July 4, also known as Independence Day, a celebration is very important for Americans the world’s known for their strong patriotism, in this day all the stars and stripes we celebrate the birth of American democracy, because exactly four July 1776 at a distance of Philadelphia convened a commission, chaired by Thomas Jefferson, who wrote and signed the act of independence from the English colonies of King George III of England.

On 4 July national holiday in all states U.S., but it is not just a party where offices and shops are closed, but rather is a true celebration of a people proud of their flag and deeply attached to his home, knowledgeable and proud that from this day began the whole “American dream” because of equality and freedom.

They celebrate with friends and family, everyone is wearing something that recalls the colors of the American flag red, blue and white, attending festive parades in the streets, decorating homes and gardens to the stars and stripes and organizing picnics and barbecues and evening fireworks wherever there is a piece of sky and people with the nose up …

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