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A Functional Kitchen


The conception of this room as a place where food is being prepared but also where family reunites for talking and having fun,  makes kitchen a complex space from a distribution perspective.
Nowadays kitchen designs are inspired by professional (restaurant)  kitchens yet adapted to domestic dimensions and necessities.
Flip-top boards, built-in tables, and bars with boxes are now part of  most kitchens. Furniture are ergonomically designed (that is, adapted to human body shape), and made of  humidity, water and heat resistant elements, like plastic or PVC.
Choosing the furniture.
Different size modules adaptable to corners or irregular areas tend to be practical solutions, whereas tailor made furniture seems a better option, yet more expensive.  Placing day to day utensils is recommended, and sporadic use appliances may be put on higher parts of the closets. it seems better to place the microwave oven over the conventional oven. Dining tables should have thin yet strong legs and chairs would have a design as minimalistic  as possible.  Space should be taken advantage of as much as possible, too, placing cupboards up to the top.
Small kitchens.
In addition to modular cupboards, auxiliary furniture is really of big help: flip-top boards, folding tables, cars where you can work on or eat, furniture with wheels that can be stored under the tops are just but some examples.
There are electrical appliances made in smaller versions: dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, etc. There are even closet type kitchens, with the possibility of closing it, that are really convenient for studios, where there is only one open space.

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