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A space for working at home


working at home

Working at home has become a popular trend nowadays. Reducing commuting time and harmonizing job and family (specially in case of parents with young children) are two of the main reasons for this living style, as well as reducing costs if you are establishing your own business.
In this case, creating a proper space, different from the resting and dining areas, is convenient. Two possibilities can be chosen to create a nice working space:

  • Using a specific room  for this activity. There may be an empty bedroom, either because you got a big house or because one of your children has grown up and left the nest. The most recommended alternative, then, would be to take the bed and other furniture out and place instead a comfortable desk, bookshelves, file cabinets, etc. In other words, to turn the bedroom into an office. This would allow separating as much a possible your working environment from your living space.
  • Adapting part of the living room. Since the firs option may not be available, using part of the living room for installing your working desk can be perfectly possible. If this is the case, it is better to place the working space as far as possible from the sofas and the TV, for some tranquility should be needed (it may be difficult to work while your children do karaoke using the PlayStation a couple of steps from your desk). In order to avoid reducing the living room space too much, try to get a small desk and, instead of bulky filling cabinets, bookshelves placed on the wall above the desk may be incorporated. You can also put a partition (like a screen of lattice) to create the sensation of two different rooms.
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