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A tidy bedroom

dormitorio guardar

Quite a lot of things are usually being stored in a bedroom: clothes, shoes,  jewels,  bed clothes,  books, and every kind of personal belongings (letters, photo albums, souvenirs, etc). Sometimes it could be called more a storage room than a bedroom. That is way it is so important to create a proper storage system in the place where everybody expends at least eight hours a day; otherwise, a sensation of chaos and disorder could disturb what it should be an space of quietness and tranquility. Such a system includes having enough storage furniture and, specially, making a proper and organized use of it.
Storing clothes.
The ideal option for storing clothes and shoes is to have a dressing room or walk-in closet. Even if the room is not big enough, space can be taken from an aisle or part of a bathroom. Other option is to install tailor-made wall to wall closets and, should the roof be high enough, shelves over the bed.
Books and decorative objects.
Any corner of the room can be used to store books, photo albums, CDs, and similar stuff. Depending upon the available space, a bookshelf can be placed occupying a whole wall or on a free space between a column and a wall. A bookshelf or a cupboard with boxes could be placed behind a window, too.
One great and relatively new idea is to have storing space under the bed, either with fixed boxes with lids or in the form of a big box under the mattress, as shown in the picture.

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