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A Victorian era design

Continuing with The Romantic Era, this room is created for young dreamer ladies: the place is covered of crowns (in the wall and above the bed), the antique technique used to create the cupboard and the bedside table; the mannequin ubicated next to the bed, in front of the mirror; the view of the garden, the design of the telephone, the sort of curtain and how it was put in the window; the amount and shape of the pillows.

The extravagant chandelier is an interesting detail becouse it makes the difference between this kind of rooms and the ordinary’s. However, it has a very modern touch: the color of the room is appropiated for new changes in the future. In fact, the girl may grow with the intention of changing it completly, so for this situacion is convenient to replace girly tones for another sober.

When you think in children, caution is very important: cables musn’t be visibled, the bed should have an appropiate high (it can’t be as high as an adult bed is); and if it is posible, the distance between the widow of the room and the garden should be suitable. It is known that this is not an easy task but is important to think good taste, sophistication and precaution, all of them at the same level. In this sense, we point out that the bedroom of our kids has to find place in the first floor or in the basement, if it is necessary.

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