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All for one and one for all

One for all and all for one. A chip that recognizes’, iPad iPhone Mac laptop and tablet, and all the devices that recognize the same chip. That is, in short, the grace, which is no small new operating system for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Apple will release after the summer. Developers of software and applications and can mess with the test version of Apple’s next operating system. Mountain Lion, designed for desktop and notebook computers, and mobile applications built for iPhone iPad tablet on these machines. Leone, period, was the first step of integration with Launchpad, a desktop similar to the iPhone, because it allows nested programs when you want: games, jobs and social networks. The U.S. company says it is the first version of its PC operating system that is designed for “icloud in mind.” Since the integration of applications for different devices is possible using the cloud to its conclusion, the icloud, the cloud is not something that is in the afterlife, but integrated into the operating system itself.

Apple has set the path where the computer will be in the coming years

Mountain Lion replaced by IMessages iChat, the messaging system on their mobile devices, so that Mac owners can send messages directly to iPhone or iPhone-style multi-application platform WhatsApp, but limited to Apple devices. IMessages will remain compatible with AIM, Jabber, Yahoo and Google Talk. As a starter, and you can download the new version of the application message to the Apple store, one of the innovations that will bring 30 mountain lion. Another nod to the phone and the tablet is on the way to show notifications. Instead of a persioana appear at the top of the screen is on the right side, in a more discreet. Growl after this improvement, one of the most popular applications maqueros, loses much of its meaning. What was a patch is now integrated into the system. Applications such as notes, memos and play center will also be available for the first time in Macintosh computers. Both the notes and reminders are synced between multiple devices, and developers can create games that people facing each other, regardless of who in front of a Mac or an iPhone look. But happiness is not everything, these developments may not have a Mac owners before 2007, unless they buy a nuovo.In last update of the IOS, the operating system of iPhone and iPad, microblogging service Twitter was combined with the main beneficiary. Any page or image can be shared directly in the network. In the next version repeats privilege, because it integrates home. Flickr, the photo shoot of Yahoo!, and Vimeo, very popular among the media and creative competitor to YouTube, is integrated with iPhoto and iMovie, respectively, the video editor from Apple. To address the problems they have on the open bar provides user applications and data mining, Apple provides Gatekeeper, a security system that gives the individual control of each application that is installed on your computer, whether Mac App Store or from any other source.

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