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Artificial Grass

Do you want your garden to look amazing without having to worry too much about taking care of it? Artificial grass is the answer for you then. You won’t have to cut it or water it and it will look green and fresh all year around.


The mode of using artificial grass started in the sixties in the United States, and it was a great solution for soccer fields, golf courses and tennis courts. The artificial grass looks like a big carpet but feels natural and it’s made with synthetic fibres.

One of the main positive sides of the use of artificial grass is the durability even under hard conditions. It’s also a comfortable option for small gardens when you don’t have much time to take care of it and still want it to look amazing. There’s no planting or fertilizing, there’s even no need to water it. Can it get any easier?


Installation of the artificial grass is easy and virtually takes no time. It may look a bit expensive, but think about it: you won’t need a cutting machine or a gardener, you don’t even have water cost and is no time consuming. Even better, there’s no wedding to do!

Different kinds of fibres are use to create artificial grass and different colours are avaible. Some versions are so similar to natural grass (and they also feel very natural) that it’s hard to tell the difference.

Artificial grass is good for houses with kids, or pets. It’s no toxic and you avoid any insect problems too. It can be easily clean with a vacuum cleaner (recommended).

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