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Asian décor

Asian inspired decor has become very popular over the years, as designers and home owners alike are drawn to the simple and uncluttered style that offers peace, balance and calm to a space.



The use of colour is very important when creating an Asian-inspired décor. If you are leaning toward a Chinese style, bold red is often used as a statement colour, representing good luck and can be accentuated with more muted tones of gold, jade or aquamarine. For a Japanese influence, use natural tones such as browns, greys and tans.

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Space is typically at a minimum in many Asian interiors, therefore choosing furniture that serves multiple purposes is crucial. A futon that can be used for sitting and sleeping or a wooden table with drawers that can double as storage space are good examples of these.

The texture of furniture chosen is also important to ensure a genuine Asian flavour to the room. Natural wood is a feature, as is black furniture and leathers. The Japanese use a lot of paper-based surfaces, so choosing rice paper light shades would work well.

The integration of nature into the design of a room plays an important role in Asian decorating. Bamboo plants are very popular, used in small or large pots (depending on the size of the room) or small shoots in a decorative vase. Bonsai plants are found in Japanese homes. Water is a very important element in Asian themes so something subtle to convey this message is also a must.

Many people believe that an Oriental rug is a must when creating an Asian-inspired setting but this is not necessarily true. Simple white or tan rugs made from natural fibres can be much more effective in drawing out the rich colours that you have chosen for your walls and other accessories in the room.

The most important pieces of advice when decorating with an Asian theme in mind is to resist combining too many ideas in the one room. Less is more with this style to create true authenticity.

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