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Balcony and terrace decoration |colors

Your terrace or balcony is also part of your house and decoration is as well important. These spaces can be used during sunny days or the summer, giving light and air to our rooms. Today we will give you some ideas about what colors to use to decorate terraces or balconies.


For someone living in an apartment a balcony is a little heaven. You probably want to make it part of the house style so why not to follow one of these 2011 trends in decoration?

It doesn’t matter if the space is large or small, we will give you ideas to adapt the balcony or terrace to what you want.

People need to be outside, to enjoy the sun, the air, the view. That’s why balconies and terraces are a way to stay in touch with nature. They are also the perfect place where to entertain friends and guests, relax or have a family meal.


Because they are in touch with the exterior world, balconies and terraces allow us to use a wider option of colors at the moment of decorate. And that’s exactly the idea: colors! We want to make of our terrace a friendly place, or our balcony, as small as it may be, to be a fresh breeze of air in our apartment.


A traditional (but that never expires) is the idea of decorate these spaces using the color green in all its variations: emerald, light green, dark green. Mixed with natural plants and pots will create a relaxed and delicate effect, serious but simply elegant. The best way to give life to a balcony like this would be adding some colorful flowers and a little touch as a red pot or yellow chairs. Such a little touch would personalize our space.

Colors as beiges or simple bricks could work very well on a rustic style terrace. Even on an urban environment, balconies and terraces could end up being a patch of relaxation, private and nicely decorated. A light color or a rustic style, plants and your personal touch: success guarantied.


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