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Bamboo furniture

Do you like the ecological way at home? Natural furniture? Why then not to buy bamboo furniture?


Buying bamboo furniture is being concern about the environment, helping the world to be better and also making the option of having a healthier ambience at home.

What’s ecological furniture?

There are certified wood (FSC) that doesn’t affect the environment and is a healthy option. What does this mean? Well, first, the wood from which our furniture has been made has been collected in a responsible way (thinking in replantation, or not destroying trees in danger of extinction), forest are taking care of without destroying ay eco-systems. Yes. When you buy this kind of certified furniture you are helping the forest all around the world.


So, why bamboo? This is a gramineous plant that grows quickly, it’s easy to use and perfect to create all sort of different pieces of furniture.

Other kinds of wood are also used for ecological furniture, as recycled wood (used wood from big bridges, for example).

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