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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Choosing lighting fixtures for your new bathroom can be a creative experience or a chore. Armed with the right information, anyone can create a space of comfort and luxury with even the smallest bathroom.


The size of your bathroom is of course the most important feature to take into consideration when choosing your lighting fixtures. The most important rule to follow here is that you need large enough lighting to brighten the entire room, no matter the size of the space. While recessed bathroom lighting is popular, people often fall into the trap of only using these lights which can create shadows and make it difficult to see yourself in the mirror. For a large bathroom, track lighting is a good option while for smaller bathrooms, layered lights create the illusion of more space.


Mirror lighting is important and can be difficult to get right as it must provide a perfect reflection without being distorted by any other light in the room. A diffused light fixture with a soft focus positioned at or just above eye level is recommended and best place for them is on either side of the mirror to throw maximum light on your face. Avoid halogen-recessed lights near the mirror or face scary shadowing effects!


An area of the bathroom that is often ignored in terms of lighting is the shower or bath. Recessed lighting would work well in these two areas as it illuminates the space. A domed diffuser light will distribute the light evenly.

Finally, using low energy light bulbs is a good money-saving option in the bathroom as they last 10 times longer than a regular bulb despite being more expensive to initially purchase.



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