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Bathroom styles

Decoration in a bathroom has to have 2 bases: light and air. Any bathroom needs a god ventilation and decent illumination. After that the options are endless!


Today we are going to show you different styles you may want to choose to decorate your bathroom. All of them may include the traditional accessories in your bathroom, but they will look completely different.


Romantic style: accessories will be all in a light colour, maybe sky blue or camel, matching tones are a great idea to create a cute style.

Bright colours: a rainbow style with bright colours that not necessarily match. It’s better for big bathrooms as the strong contrast will make the bathroom look smaller. This style ca also be used with two bright colours like yellow and green or blue and orange. The idea is that the colours should be almost opposite creating a stress. Accessories like the curtain or wall details can be in one or another colour.

Fresh style: this is a free style and minimalist in its essence. Colours may create a relaxing ambiance and mirrors must be big and reflex a lot of light. This style can be mixed with retro touches like an old vitraux lamp or a vintage mirror frame.

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