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Bathrooms: Distributing small spaces


Being one of the smallest spaces in any home, a good distribution of the wash basin, w.c, shower and bathtub togheter with any other additional furniture (cupboards, for instance) seems essential.
A great deal of these bathroom appliances is available in the market, so you will be able to choose those dimension more appropriate with that of your bathroom.
Small bathrooms. Should you have a small space, always remember that a shower would occupy a lesser area than a bathtub, or that a bidet could be substituted for a telephone-like faucet. Also, a triangular bathtub placed on a corner may take less space than a rectangular one. Suspended w.c. may give a sensation of more extent than regular ones.
Dimensions. Usually these appliances are 70cm deep; however, smaller sizes can be found (like 60cm w.c., wash basins 30cm of diameter or even 60 x 60 cm showers). A top’s depth could range from 40 to 70 cm.
Storage. Any corner of a bathroom could be used for storing personal products. Shelves can be placed over the bathtub or between the mirror and the wash basin. The space behind the latter is also very useful to store any kind of products, including towels, for instance.
Coordinated distribution.  Situation of the door and windows determines bathroom appliances’ distribution. It seems inappropriate to place the w.c.  directly in front of the door (we would loss privacy), whereas it is convenient to place the bathtub under a window (it would help ventilation). Distance between wash basin and w.c. should not be less than 20 cm (or 30cm if placed one in front of the other).

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