Written by Tendenzias

Beach style

Do you feel like giving your house a beach style now that the summer is coming? Even if you’re far from the sea and the waves, we can help you give your house a very unique style.


If you want this summer to feel like you’re in the beach, even if it’s not in your plans, make your house a summer spot with these tips.

Clear tones for the walls and blue as a protagonist in its different shades, will make us remember the sea. The turquoise blues will work great in different tones and is just a matter of using the imagination: which walls or sector of the room do you want to paint?

Blues go great with sand colours, beige and camel and will complete the style. Especially for couches, chairs, curtains and general decorative objects.

A special place to decorate with a beach style is the garden. If you have a pool even better! Outdoor furniture is a great idea, especially wooden one (avoid the cheap plastic). You can complete your style with other items always in blue and white (which is also very elegant!)

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