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Bedroom with a country style

Do you want to make your bedroom a special place? Planning to redecorate and don’t feel like making it too modern? Choose a country style and feel more in contact with the nature. You’ll get a very warm and cozy bedroom!


Follow our advice and your bedroom will look amazing with this country style.

We specially like green in our bedroom. It’s a colour that helps to relax and makes the room look bigger as it a bright option. Paint your walls with no fear; we’ll break the green with a mostly yellow decoration later.

Wooden floors are very important for this style. Is not only that they look amazing with the green of the walls, but they also are the basis of the country style.

Choose sky blue or light yellow for your curtains, sheets and cushions. This will make your bedroom look gloomy and because they are light colours they help to illuminate your room.

A good idea in a country style is to add a plant. A little tree in a corner could help to invite nature in your bedroom, and I always find it nice to have it around the room.

Do you have any other ideas to make your bedroom look amazing with a country style??

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