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Bidet and Water

wc- bidet tandem

In our time almost all the water has no water left in the cassette wall, which makes up space and improve the cleanliness of the design. Obviously in the case of maintenance caused by cracks or other, the cost will be higher, given that construction work will be indispensable. However, the aesthetic has prevailed in this case and it is rare to see the cassette toilet with water outside the wall. Another line that has prevailed toilet and bidet are, that without support on the floor and wall bracket.

Although not everyone will appreciate, the tendency is certainly no basis to move towards health.

Benefits as well as in terms of space and clean lines, mainly by the ease with which data can be cleaned by passing a broom or mop under them.

No longer have to manually rub the contact point between the floors and between the toilet and bidet and floors need a shot of cloth to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

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