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Bookcases: a useful decorating tool


When it comes to keeping order at home, you can always count on an unconditional ally: Bookcases. Those with shelves are specially useful in small rooms, for instance. They are easy to install and very decorative, too.

A bookcase is an important piece of furniture in a house. Quite versatile and easy to adapt to different space dimensions, it is the ideal support for ordering and exposing books and every kind of decorative objects, like jars, plates, silverware, etc.

Before choosing the appropriate type of bookcase, it should be decided where to install it. Based on the size and location of the wall, it is possible to decide, then, whether to buy a standard one or to have it done with specific measures.

Calculating weight. One invisible yet important aspect to consider before choosing the storage furniture is to determine how much weight it is going to stand. Depending on this factor, you will be able to choose certain stronger materials for the shelves, their depth and the distance between their supports. You have to realize that the longer the shelve the more likely that it will bend.

Any place is good enough. One of the big advantages of bookcases is that they can be install almost anywhere in the house without disrupting the decorating style and taking advantage of space. L shaped bookcases are perfect to maximize corners. A good place for installing bookshelves is above doors or on any wall, 15 to 30 centimeters down the roof and all around the room’s perimeter.

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