Brighten Your Home On Winter

Short days, long nights and persistently cold weather make many of us weary of winter, but the season doesn’t have to be so gloomy. The following tips may help brighten your living space—and your spirits.

  • Mimic the icicles outside by hanging clear quartz crystals, which will refract the sunlight beautifully when hung by a sunny window.
  • Drape sheer fabrics like organza or chiffon over windows. They will brighten up dark spaces by diffusing light.
  • Add some colorful accents. Try a small area rug, a throw pillow, or a slipcover in the inspiring colors of this season, such as deep reds and bronzes, to add light and pleasure  to your home.
  • Winter-white lampshades maximize the wattage of every bulb without creating glare.
  • A string of votives on your mantel paired with a group of pillars on the coffee table will multiply the warmth and power of the fire and ward off winter’s chill. Take care to keep an eye on your children to prevent accidents. Keep all candles out of the reach of children and be sure to carefully read the safety precaution label on the bottom.
  • Replace your miniblinds and shades with new products in lighter, brighter colors—just be sure they are safe for small children. Install cordless window products or retrofit all window coverings  throughout your home.
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