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The floor is one of the parts of ‘the most beautiful furniture in the house, when you enter a house, depending on the type of floor you has a different feeling. The parquet floor gives such immediate warmth, ceramics, and a less warm but more refined, the carpet instead gives a lasting sense of warmth. These are just some examples, but in fact, the choice of a floor rather than another reflects the soul of those who live there.

What kind of flooring to choose for our home, if for example we have just acquired, or if we want to change the existing one and bring something new and personal. Much also depends on the type of furniture, we start from the simpler and more convenient to handle, the wooden floors.jab-anstoetz-lasa-carpet_XFuRd_1822

For those who love stuffed animals and all this is that “soft and cuddly” this is when the carpet is the solution. It is a veritable textile surface, used primarily for children’s bedrooms or guys, or the salt. This is usually true of carpet wool, warm and very soft, but can also be found on the market green fibers mixed with antibacterial and antistatic. Even in this case can be chosen among rainbows of colors, floral patterns and geometric patterns.

Only a small mind, in truth among all the choices for the floor this is probably the least suitable, noting the increasingly frequent causes of allergies, and is to be avoided, in my opinion, if there are pets in the house such as dogs or cats, since from the hygienic point of view requires greater attention and can not be just a classical past with a cloth and warm water!

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