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Catering service: best tips

Catering service is essential if you want to organise a social or business event. There would normally be an agency responsible of advising and supporting the client, in order to hire the different services that the event usually requires. The ultimate objective is that the event is well organised and coordinated, but these requirements not always ensure the success.

That’s why sometimes in conventions and congresses you would notice that lunch can possibly become a succulent meal and the following conference dinner might end up as hearty. In the end, the agency has to analyse if the different meals and breaks are not enough or are not well structured or right balanced.

The aim of this post is to enumerate the several tips you can follow in order to hire the best catering service:

–          It is important to test the set menu, just for knowing the different tastes, flavours and varieties you can offer to the gests. Therefore, you will always be sure of what is going to be served on the event.

–          The way a catering service presents the main course and the different dishes (glassware, linen, tableware, cutlery), prepares side dishes and ensures an efficient assembly and disassembly, which is essential for the event. In the end, the food should stimulate the journey of the senses.

–          A business event is normally organised in order to encourage the interaction between the participants of the event. For this is really important to create a good atmosphere, so the relationship between employees is smooth, collaborative and open-minded.

–          It is also important to analyse the typology of the food that will be served and mainly the matter of the event.

One of the problems for following these tips is the time. An event is normally prepared with no time allowance. For this reason you as a client are not used to taste the set menu after the event is definitely organised. The coffee-breaks tend to be full of fat-food instead of tee drinks and digestive food such as dried fruits. Lunch should never include fat-food but carbohydrates. All this prevents from somnolence.

Do you agree with these tips? What tips will you include? Please leave a comment.

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