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Changing decoration – from babies to youngsters

Are your children growing up? Is it time to change the decoration of their rooms? Here all the ideas you want to do so.


A kid when is growing will very quickly refuse any baby things and will show that he or she is not a baby anymore. The decoration of the children’s room has to accompany

these changes and that’s why some advice may be perfect.

Colours have to change. Babies’ room are usually pink, sky blue or soft yellow. Kids prefer brighter colours and stronger contrasts. Different combination of colours including walls and furniture may make the room look refresh and less “baby”.

Include your kid’s taste. What do your children like to do? Sports? Playing with some specific toys? Some movies? What are they favourite colours? This will make them feel they own the room, which they do of course, and it will transform in some sort of fortress where they can play and be themselves.

Fresh start. A good idea to renovate the room is to renovate toys or at least get rid of those that are for babies. Help your children to decide what do they still want and what they won’t use anymore. Is never a bad idea to explain them that those toys will be given to other kids to play.

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