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Chic Shabby Style

The Chic Shabby style is inspired by the cottages of the English countryside. Chic Shabby is a rustic, romantic style that incorporates modern touches creating an elegant group.

This is a style with charm, using light colours and a lot of flowers, with emphasis in the details.

shabby kitchen

The Chic Shabby style gathers the characteristics of the rustic style or English cottage.

  • Wide use of soft tones as peach, salmon, rose, blue sky, soft green, beige, soft lavender.
  • Wood furniture painted in white. In countryside houses in England it used to be normal to restore old furniture making it up in white tones. It gave the clear impression of being an old piece of furniture restored, and this is what the Chic Shabby style is all about.
  • Rustic furniture keeping the colour of the wood but giving it a patina in beige or ivory.
  • The Chic Shabby is a very feminine, romantic style. Flowers, candles, pink and green tones, chandeliers, ad cute details.

  • Flowers and plants used as ornamental elements. The Chic Shabby style bases itself in gardening: hanging interior plants, for example, are fundamental for this style. The concept is that the house and the garden are one.
  • The Chic Shabby style is based on the countryside where the protagonists are the colour green and the flowers. That’s why this two elements are an important part of this style.
  • The Chic Shabby style is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. Furniture in white tones, cloths in floral tones, combination of flowers and squares or lines in similar tones will work to make this style more modern, without losing its charm and character.
Dining room
  • A really delicate way to use this style is with cupboards and cabinets. It goes perfect with some china.
  • Some old details can make this style a bit more vintage if you prefer, being still innocent and delicate. This is the case of old mirrors, old chandeliers, pictures frames, among other.

The Chic Shabby is an elegant, luminous, romantic and cheerful style. But it has to be use not in excess because we can create the opposite effect!


If you want to try to use this style to decorate you need to have in mind that it will look exquisite in a countryside house, an old restored farm or a house with a clear rustic style. At the same time it may be enough with a piece of furniture in this style.

A winter garden could be the perfect space for this style to shine: flowers could be the main theme, clear and clear tones will make light an important part of the decoration.

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