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Children Bedrooms

dormitorios infantiles

A great enthusiasm is usually generated when you have to decorate and organize the children’s bedroom. It is not a simple task, however. Ir requires to identify kids’ necessities, preferences and taste and, above all, to make furniture fit into their age (it is not the same a room for a two year old girl than that fora 10 year old boy).
Children bedroom is a multifunctional space where several needs are to be satisfied: playing, sleeping, studying or meeting with friends.
Versatile space.
Clearing the center of the bedroom seems advisable in order to create a playing zone, so bulky furniture (beds, etc) should be placed against the walls. We would recommend, too, that should there be boxes under the beds, these be mobile, with wheels, for instance, so kids can displace them easily. Chairs should be light-weight, for the same reasons. A working table, specially if its foldable, usually is essential (flip-flop tables, though, are not good if a computer needs to be placed on them).
Shared rooms.
Should two or more beds are to be placed in the room, bunk and nest or trundle beds are quite appropriate. The former are good for rooms with high walls (at least 2.5 meters) but can be uncomfortable for the kid who sleeps in the lower bed, so you could place them in a “L” shape. Trundle beds are ideal for small rooms, so you can use the space of one bed for accommodating two. Should you decide to use two normal single beds, also the “L” shape is the most convenient, placing both beds against the walls.

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