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Children’s Bedroom | Movies

Decoration at home is our main interest in IsDecoration. This time we are going to talk about the kids’ bedroom. We will give you ideas and tips to make this bedroom a magic world for your kids.


Our house deserves a lovely and personalized decoration, but to make it a real home has also have to have our touch, memories and familiar history, our own taste in decoration can make this without necessary expending a lot of money. The children’s room is a good space to adapt and change, experimenting different decoration patterns and creating a space that is very important for the kids.

For a kid his bedroom is a very important space. Is where he sleeps and where he may play or do his homework. He will probably remember this room for the rest of his life. So it’s important we make him feel the main character of that space, even giving him voice to decide what he likes as decoration or not.

Usually a new movie in the cinema is a big thing for the kid and his room may become a little sanctuary. Last year was Toy Story 3. Probably posters decorated the walls, little souvenir toys were everywhere and even the sheets had the faces of the characters. This year 2011 the new movie that will obsess the little ones will be newt (Pixar), Cars 2 (that has already been one of the little boys’ favorites!) and “>Winnie the Pooh.


Decoration based in movies will probably change every year or so, or maybe not, and the kids will get very attached to a character. The thing is that movies are an memorable moment, watching them in the cinema, colours, popcorn and a history that touches them. We all have the same sweet memories of our favorite movie as kids; I even draw spots in my walls as the Dalmatians!

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