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Choose the floors of your home:

The most important aspect to consider in the choice of flooring is that their beauty will last over time and remain alive for intensive use, however, as happens in particularly popular, such as kitchen and bathroom . The advice is probably to avoid being carried away from the fashions of the moment in time you might regret the choice and cost for a ‘replacement would be very heavy. The choice can range in a very rich variety of opportunities: brick, concrete, slate, carpet, rubber, wood, tiles, stoneware, etc..

The floors in natural fibers, however, are more eclectic: elegant, tailored to different styles, are also feasible from an economic point of view. And shake a blind eye to ecology, and being very poor in recoverable costs, including environmental, performance, and installation.

Most of the people are in truth between wood and ceramic / stone. Both cost a lot but can last for long though. The wood has the advantage of being renovated in time through the sanding and polishing, while the stone is not heat soak as happens with wood and is durable to accidental collision, which sometimes affect the wood in an irretrievable. The fire then must be taken into account, the more so if you live in areas where climates are dry and this can pose a serious threat to your physical integrity.

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