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Choosing the right colour for your home’s walls (II)


In a recent post  we talked about the different type of colours, according to the effect they might have on people’s state of mind, and made a reference to the so called “active colours”. In today’s post we will talk about passive colours and neutral colours. Passive colours are the coldest colours of the whole spectrum: the whole range and tonalities of green, blue and violets. These colors are ideal to paint bedrooms and bathrooms since, in general, they contribute with a sensation of tranquility and quietness. 

In concrete, following is a short description of the effect each of these colours can produce:
Green: It contributes with a sensation of quietness and freshness. It can be a good colour to paint the walls of a bedroom that receives a lot of Sun, this way we will obtain these two benefit: the quietness to sleep well and the freshness to avoid the heat sensation in summer.
Blue: This colour contributes with benefits similar to the green one, that is, peace, tranquility, easing and freshness.

Violet and Purple: These colours in their different tones contribute to feel sensation of comfort which one should find in any room. If you think about it, you will be able to realize that most of the spaces where tranquility and quiet is needed are painted with cold colours like the ones I have just described: hospital rooms, classrooms and corridors in institutions with many students, doctors’ offices, etc.

Neutral colours. The neutral colours are like “discolored colours “. Beiges, greys and whites, neither activate nor gives coldness to any space, but they can work properly as a whole with other colours, to join spaces and to provide the transition between different tonalities.

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