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Choosing the right colour for your home’s walls

colours for walls

Believe or not, the colour of the walls  in a room can modify the state of mind of people that are staying inside it. Furthermore, according to studies and the Feng Shui teachings, the colour of a wall can make us react in different ways to the same situation and help us changing our moods at a particular moment.

If you would like to know which is the perfect colour for a room in your house or what color you must choose for your office walls in order to be more effective in your work , following are some interesting tips.

Regarding the effect that can produce in our mood, colours are divided in three categories. These three groups are: active colours, passive colours and neutral colours. The active colours are all warm colours and are ideal for offices, classrooms and any room where one performs some kind of mental work. Each colour transmits different sensations:
Red: Confidence in oneself, the belief in being able to achieve anything we intent to, positivity.
Yellow: Creativity, concentration, desire of working hard.
Orange: Energy to confront the daily tasks, it also improves appetite, and helps brainstorming.

Active colours are those that you should select to obtain a positive attitude towards the work or towards the studies, because they manage to make ourselves to believe that we can comply with the daily work no matter how complicated it may be. In another post we will take about passive colours and neutral colours. By the way, the terms passive or neutral by no means intent to transmit a negative idea about such colours.

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