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Christmas 2012

It’s time to start thinking about the Holiday Season, especially if we are going to decorate our house for the occasion. If you’re already making plans for Christmas 2012, and we’d like to make your home look amazing for the season, that‘s why you’d probably need to know know when Christmas 2012 is.


Christmas 2012 falls on a Tuesday, which means you’ll be probable able to take a couple of days off if linking the weekend with Christmas Eve (24th of December) and Christmas day. This may be good news if you’re planning to make a short trip to enjoy the holidays elsewhere.

What matters to us here in ISdecoration is, of course, decoration We want your house to look fantastic for the holidays. If you’re thinking about making a big redecoration, Christmas may be the best time to do a big show off, or if you want to start after the holidays, a god way to celebrate the end of a style.

Christmas is one of the most important catholic celebrations during the year. Christians conmemorate the birth of Christ. The tradition of giving presents came from older times and simply matched the catholic celebration. This is one of the kids’ favourite holidays as they get presents and can enjoy the spirit, and they always love Santa Claus!

christmas decoration

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the family, with friends and loved ones. If you’re planning to make a party at home you will probably want to check our tips and ideas for different decoration styles. Make your house part of the celebration!

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