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Christmas Trees at Christmas Time: A Part of Decorating

Christmas trees are used for the Christmas season to add more life to the event, there are also known as Yule trees, they may be real or artificial and is a tradition associated with the Christmas celebrations.

christmas-treeIt is also a tradition to decorate the evergreen tree which begun sometime in the sixteenth century. It is usually bought and taken home, the decorated with items such as; Christmas lights an ever present decoration, tinsel, candy canes, ornaments and garland. Normally an angel or star is placed at the top of the tree which represents the host of angels or the star of Bethlehem. The trees come in several sizes; they can small, medium or large and serves purposes such as; decoration, or a place to put Christmas gifts. The artificial tree began sometime in the nineteenth century, and later developed into the Christmas habit. The natural trees; real or cut are usually used for a short period of time, but can be recycled. The tree when decorated can look very beautiful, especially when several decorations are used and the Christmas lights are turned on, the trees are a very important part of the Christmas season.

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