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Cleaning wood, easy ways

Wooden furniture is present in many houses and is the protagonist of a country style. And if you love your wooden furniture you probably know how hard it is to take out stains without damaging the wood. Here we give you some advice.


Usually is better to clean the stain as soon as possible. For example if it’s alcohol that ruined the wood, clean with a wet cloth and afterwards apply some polish.

If liquids as tea or coffee left spots in your coffee table, repeat the last trick and maybe find a tincture that will match the colour of your table, apply it and polish again afterwards.

If it’s ink that felt on the wooden table, absorb it quickly with kitchen paper and use some lemon to rub it against the wood. Polish afterwards.

Fire burns from cigarettes may be a bit harder to fix. Use a soft sandpaper to rub where the burnt is and use colour tincture or toned wax to match with the rest of the wooden tone.

Certainly these are good tips that you can apply anytime without expending much money. Hope they were useful!

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