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Comfort style

Shocking, but with a good taste; extravagant, but not vulgar, this place is designed for people with a different perception of sophistication. Warm colors in the walls in contrast with shinny tonality on the floor and of the ceiling.

What is more, if you add flowers in the centre of the table, you will give a sensation of peace to the meal.

A brilliant technique to get in account is to collocate a vibrant light above the table with the idea to appreciate the colors and textures of the food.

In order to combine comfort and style, is accurated the using of semisofa seat, engaged with the color of the floor and lights.

The catalogue of this kind of extravagance is always interminabled. You can impovise whatever you want to explore because it finds its source of inspiration in arts, not in copying. You will fancy mixing colors, textures, materials: antique fournitures with modern, artificial ligts with gigantic windows, colorful ornaments; you can work with marble, wood; print the walls with undefined tones; use different shapes of platos, knives, napkin, glasses. Colorful marble table, which looks like an abstract picture with dishes,is also acceptable.

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