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Couches for kids

We already gave you some advice about how to decorate the children’s room. Now we are going to talk about puffs and couches for kids that you can use to decorate their bedroom and that they will probably love.


The MagicSofa of Barruguet is a really funny design that has been created to offer comfort and fun to kids in a safe environment.

The brand has designed two very colourful models. One of them, created especially for little boys, simulates an helicopter. Ideal to include the couch in the kids’ games. The design for girls imitates a castle and is going to be the centre of girl’s playing to be princess.

The prices are around 350/400 Euros.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the children getting hurt with the borders of the couch or falling from it. All the couch is cover in foam with bright colours fabric and they are completely safe.

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