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Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Looking for inspiration to decorate your child’s bedroom or to give it a whole new look? Transform your child’s bedroom into a Teddy Bear oasis by creating a stunning feature wall.

Step 1. Ensure the wall is clean and the surface is in sound condition before painting with two coats of Resene Magnetic Magic paint. Allow to dry.
Step 2. Paint the sky with two coats of Resene Anakiwa, the background hill with two coats of Resene Kermit, and the foreground hill with two coats of Resene Dizzy Lizzy. Allow
to dry.
Step 3. Paint two large trees at either end of the wall using two coats of Resene Fudge. Allow to dry.
Step 4. Using a small sponge, create textured foliage on the branches using a combination of Resene English Holly, Resene Kermit and Resene Dizzy Lizzy. Allow to dry.
Step 5. Paint the bears using testpots of Resene Cigar, Resene Paarl, Resene Rusty Nail, and Resene Nero for the facial details. Use Resene Alabaster for the picnic sheets and Resene Havelock Blue for the crockery. Fill in bears’ clothing and picnic food with the remaining testpot colours. Allow to dry before stencilling in grass with Resene Grass Stain.
Step 6. Arrange the fridge magnets on the feature wall and attach other magnets to the smaller teddy bears, sticking these to the wall. Use self-adhesive hooks to attach the larger
bears to complete the picnic scene.
To finish off: Paint the skirting board with two coats of Resene Enamacryl Grass Stain

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