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Decorating A Cell phone


Cell phone are popular worldwide, with continual development cell phones are taking over the world, they are an inclusive part of the technologically advanced world that we currently live in.

Cell phones can be decorated to give it a more colourful look depending on the colour of the cell phone, as well as creativity or to make it easier to identify in the event of theft. Stickers are what person mostly use to decorate their phones, and in some cases we can see phones be decorated with markers, tattoos etc. The phone can be decorated with the decorative items at different parts, whether it is on the battery, the keypad, the screen, the back of the cell phone or other areas. Being creative and giving yourself a decorated look, helps in identifying the cellular phone in cases of it being lost or stolen. Try to be very creative when decorating it, do not follow other persons creative ideas if you want to have your phone for a long time.

Using markers to decorate the phone, in this case the person can engrave their initials on the phone or their full name, this also helps in getting back their phone if it becomes stolen or lost.

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