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Decorating a small terrace or balcony


Terraces or balconies of city apartments are generally small. The noise, the pollution and the indiscreet looks of neighbors cause these spaces to become not very used. Nevertheless, they can serve as an additional space when it comes to make parties or small friend meetings at home or if you want to create a small room for relaxation during summer days.

Do not allow the small space to become a disadvantage; you can create a cozy corner in your terrace, just remember that with a small investment you can decorate the balcony and make it a great place. Following are some good ideas about it.

You can design a small chill-out space in the middle of the city. Just move one of your sofas with a minimalist style to the terrace, place candles and a garland with oriental bulbs to illuminate it when the night comes. Do not forget surrounding it with plants in order to obtain some privacy.

Fluorine colours and retro style, which are the latest trends in decoration, can help you to obtain a very modern terrace. Simply get a few furniture from the seventies on a secondhand store, dress them in cushions of vibrant colors and complete the decoration with a carpet with the same tones and add an original chandelier in order that the cozy light of the candles will never be  absent.

If you want to keep your terrace clean and use it only when you have visitors, you can place a few showy folding chairs, and a puff of very versatile fiber that can be used as a little table. The chandeliers and the curtains can be detachable, so they can be placed only when you wish. Putting plants in your balcony turns out to be very nice and decorates a lot both the exterior and the interior of your home.

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