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Decorating a terrace or rooftop

The terrace or rooftop is usually a place not much used. But is a great space to used in many original ways, all it needs is the right decoration to include it as a space on our house.


A terrace can be used as a games space that kids will appreciate a lot. It can also be used for relax. Specially in big cities where there are very few parks and green spaces for kids to play safely, a terrace or roof top can be adapted easily in a useful space.

Of course a thing to think about is safety, that’s why it should have at least a meter tall walls so kids can’t go over it, of course!

And then the options are wide and interesting! You can put artificial grass, nice furniture, make a cover area to be protected from the sun and rain, personally I would recommend you to hang an hammock!

Have any new ideas?

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