Written by Tendenzias

Decorating for a Funeral

pict0764-iiA funeral is a sad event, as close friends and relatives have to say their final goodbye and pay their respects to someone they loved dearly.

It is now a difficult task to have a funeral service for that person when considering the casket to bury them into, the way to decorate the church for the funeral, how to dress them and the flowers to buy etc. This is the person’s final day; my suggestion would be to bury the best way you can. For some persons the task may be a bit easier as the person might have indicated the way they want to be last seen on earth before they had died, while for others it may be a pretty difficult task.

If the person did not say how they would have wanted their funeral, you can come up with ways to send them off. Consider a colour scheme, this can be done by using a colour the person liked, sometimes the person don’t express their favourite colour, but you can look a colour they would have worn often and use it for the main colour. Buy nice flowers, dress them in a suit of clothes that they loved wearing, buy a nice casket of the same colour as the colour scheme, after all it is their final day on earth.

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