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Decorating for my Wedding


Wedding is a major part of a person’s life, as this is where tow persons are united in marriage and vow sacredly to honour, love and cherish till death do they part.

It is important that in weddings, a colour scheme be used, in this case some persons may choose to use their favourite colour. For instance a persons favourite colour may be orange and so they might choose to use orange as the colour scheme for their wedding. Another idea, is that after attending several wedding functions person may see a colour scheme that they can use for their wedding. After choosing a colour scheme, decide what kind of decorations you want to be present at the wedding function. Items may include flowers, balloons, the part where the couple walks under which can be decorated with items of the colour scheme.

The colour scheme for the wedding do not have to be one colour it can be multiple colours, suppose a person wants orange and white to their colour scheme they can use. So in the event that more than one colour is being used, the persons in the wedding may use the same colours to decorate the wedding area, the same colours for flowers, balloons and other items that will be used in the wedding.

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