Written by Tendenzias

Decorating School Books


decoratecompositionnotebooksThe condition of a school book sometime depicts how the child’s mind is, whether they are learning and achieving well or is a poor achieving student.

Decorating books can be good, but it is how you choose to decorate it that makes it bad. Children claims to be bored in class at times and so they tend to find something to grab their attention by using pens, pencils or markers to mark on their books. Whether it is a simple drawing or an extended mark. For some children, you do not have to blame what they do to their books on their school teachers but more so blame it on their negative minds. The mind at times lead them all over the place, and sometimes they take their text books or exercise books and draw demonic drawings, signs, symbols etc. This causes them to get bad grades and reports if they do their assignments and home work in them and hands it in to the teacher. School books should be clean except for the little inspirational stickers or statements that children might want to put on them, this helps others sometimes to live a better life.

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