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Decorating the bathroom and take care of your house

The bathroom is the ‘environment compared to others that make up our home, which can not be attended in the course of our day and at the same time can not be combined with other local . Usually in this context, we deposit the house without realizing various dirt, that’s because you have so carefully. Now, we propose in short, the basic rules for its careWhen designing your home it is advisable to place the bathroom on the north side of the house, which corresponds to the water. Do not place the bathroom in the center of our house.

The pipes in the bathroom and uniforms should be different than those of the kitchen and not have to go in other rooms of our casa.Tale room must be more hidden than the other and should not be in front of his door to other rooms of the house. On the contrary, it is recommended to cover it with other objects such as plants or more. The materials to use in the bathroom, should be easily washable; to avoid, therefore, wood and fabric coverings.

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