Written by Tendenzias

Decorating The body

IntimateWhat the hell are persons thinking decorating their bodies; this is really a dangerous procedure that should be carefully considered before adhering to.

It is prevalent in society today; everyone wants to get a tattoo, doing this they place persons name on their bodies or some demonic art created by the tattoo artist. My suggestion to persons would be to avoid such things; it can be very hazardous placing a tattoo on the body. When using pens and markers, it is also dangerous but may not be as dangerous as when using the machines they use to put tattoos on the body. Remember that tattoos are permanent marks, they cannot be removed, and do you want to be marked forever? A question to consider when thinking of getting a tattoo. Do not follow the trend in society, consider how beneficial things are to you before you go ahead and do them. Not everything someone does is good for, as my grandmother would say ‘cat luck is not dog luck’, so in this case I would advice you to do anything else rather than go out there and sit under a machine and let someone place a permanent mark on you that sometimes really has no significance or meaning to it.

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