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Decorating the Work Area


Work areas have to remain professional, so decorating this area requires a lot of consideration, time and attention before doing anything to it. Some bosses are comfortable with seeing employees decorating their work area while others may disapprove of it.

This are can be decorated with stickers on the computer, do not put stickers that are childish are have no significance to the work place, stickers with words that can enhance better development and growth in the institution can be placed any where in the work area. Created flyers and papers with words or stories that can help a person to be a better employee can be placed on notice boards or on the employees desk, but should be placed where it is easier to be seen. Get pen holders where you can place pens, pencils and markers etc. so that the desk does not have to look untidy, keep folders with papers, scrap papers, or little jottings in this also helps in keeping the work are tidy. Calendars can be decorative, use one that is not too bright or distractive, but one that can add more professionalism to the work area, professionalism is key in every organization.

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