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Decorating with clocks

Decoration with clocks, modern, rustic and original styles. Clocks can be part of the designing in the kitchen or in the living room or even any room!


The clocks have been part of the decoration from the antiquity. First there were astronomical clocks and clocks of oriental design. In 1657 Christan Huygens created the first pendulum clock which has a weight that hangs from a fixed point and oscillates.

In the XVIII century, there were very charged clocks that decorate the big living rooms of palaces and elegant houses.

After that we can see that some clocks became collection objects. Clocks that mark the hours with sounds and many different types became popular.


How can we decorate with clocks?

Clocks are good to decorate using any style you want (cottage or minimalist and everything in the middle!). Clocks not only work to tell us the time these days, they are mostly a decoration piece, even ornamental, that goes well in any corner of the house.


There are different things that define the clock when we are talking about decoration:

  • The material. Could be plastic, transparent, wood, metal, almost any material you can think of!
  • The shape. There are also as many shapes as material. The only limit is the imagination.
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