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Decorating with family photos


Family photos  represent your  most loved moments and helps to remember your friends and relatives, so they are certainly  worth to be shown in relevant spaces of the house. That is why it is a worldwide tradition to place family photos in frames over tables, desks, pianos or even special shelves or commodes; they usually are printed in small size (not bigger than a paper sheet) and framed into beautiful silver or ceramic pieces.

However, there is also another form of showing them, giving the preference they deserve: We are talking about hanging them on the walls.  In a recent post  we talked about some tips for placing pictures and  paintings on the walls, specially regarding sizes and the required harmony to be kept between the frame and the picture as well as with the rest of the decoration. Most of these tips are applicable to family pictures placed on walls.

Keep in mind, too, that you need to have them printed in bigger sizes as those placed over a desk, for instance. In order for them to have the expected aspect, they should have the same size of a regular painting (unless you place them over a small wall, or on a corner of a small room). You should even consider the possibility of using one photo or a collage of family photos as a “mural”, covering a whole wall (as shown in the picture above); this would be a very innovative and bright decoration and would match perfectly with a modern and functional style. Or you can try a more formal approach, using frames of the same size and with the same type of photos (pictures of family celebrations, for instance) to create a sense of uniformity.

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