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Decorating with white

White is a colour we can easily use to decorate our house giving it light and keeping it elegant without much work. Today we will tell you how to use the colour white to decorate your house with style.


White is the absence of colour, but is the most important tool in decoration as it can trick the eye in making spaces look bigger.

White walls can illuminate a room and give a tricky sensation of width. Because its own nature, white can be part of colourfull combinations, maximazing details and driving the attention of the person entering the room to what we want them to see.


If you’re worry about creating a monotonous ambience, don’t worry! Combining the uniformity of white with an interesting piece of furniture, a colourful lamp or an strategic use of flowers and small decoration items, you can create a lovely room.


There are also different tones of white, like ivory or clear beige. Combined with light colours, like pink or blue, this colour goes great for the children’s room.

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