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Decorating your bedroom vintage style

vintage decoration

The vintage trend is invading all  areas of our life. Not only in the world of fashion, as an innovation that attracts a lot of attention, particularly by young people, but also in the area of interior decoration. For the bedroom, vintage implies a recovery of elements of the past as furniture, bedside tables, lamps, chairs, etc., that stands out as an important element in a modern decoration.

Vintage means reinventing the past and adapting it to the trends of the modernity, so it would be appropriate that if we want to decorate our bedroom in vintage style, we try not to recharge it with elements of this type, but to center in one or 2 articles that stand out in our room. This photo is the best example of this. The shelf and the old chair mix in a brilliant way with the flat screen monitor that is on the table.

Sleeping in vintage. You can look for old beds to give a vintage touch to your bedroom. Probably old beds are not very comfortable or stable, so you must repair them before using them to sleep, at least as regarding to stability, because the idea of the old thing certainly will stay for long. You can complement your vintage bed with bed clothes in pastry colours with flowery designs that go perfectly with this oldish style.

Vintage details. You may also complement your vintage style with some decorative elements. There are old things very nice and easy to repair that you can place on your bedside table or hang in one of your walls. You can buy them in a flea market or look into your grandmother’s home for some pictures or old photos, or even a telephone with disc dialing.

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