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Decorating your garage

decorating your garage

Garages have always been characterized for being the most disordered space in house, since they are often used as a warehouse where to keep things that has little or no use at all. For this reason, the first thing that it is necessary to solve is the problem of storage; let us organize everything in the garage, and this way we will have a good beginning in our project of installing order and cleanliness in this space.

In order for us to organize garage space, a definition of what is useful and what is not has to be made; after this “purge” you will be able to begin with decoration. Try to install shelves  that serve as containers along the walls, sets of drawers for the smallest things, and some hangers and resistant hooks; afterwards, you will realize how these elements not only order but also decorate the room.

We recommend to have also a small room with locks  in your garage in order to place dangerous materials and sharp tools out of the children’s reach. On the other hand, you can choose to install some type of insulating material  (thermal and /or sound), that will not only refresh and keep your garage warm, but it will will avoid the exit of troublesome noises to the neighbors, too, as well as become decorative. To illuminate use lamps of classic style, do not choose fluorescent lights, since they project a very hard light and shine too much for a garage. The better thing is to use the classic types of light, for they make the place hot and more agreeable to the senses.

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