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Decoration: Cleaning


Cleaning should be done as before and after they bought them to reaffirm once in a while, especially if they are not often employed.

First, always give a clean with mild soap. It is not essential to use the sponge if you do not forget you always have your hand “light”, there is no need to scrub vigorously. It serves to remove any grease and “big” dell’ossidatura.

Rinse. Wipe dry with a soft cloth, again with slight hand.

With a soft cotton or a cotton swab and then go a bit ‘product for cleaning silver (make sure it is a mild, if not, especially in the case of silver objects, the silver lever, and in any way takes away a small piece of silver). It is recommended that where possible the use of Stan home Silver Polish. Polish with a soft cloth preferably is made of wool.after-decoration-cleaning

Wash again with soap, so as to remove possible residues produced in this way is not likely to eat them! Dry. Now they are ready to operate.

When forgive, if you do not use every day, it is best put in a cloth of cutlery, however, or in a cloth, so as to make the slower ossidatu.

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