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Decoration: The ideal floor for your home: Flooring


The floor is one of the most beautiful parts of furniture of the house, when you enter a house; depending on the type of floor you have a different feeling. The parquet for example gives a first-heat, the ceramic a less warm but more refined, and the carpet instead gives a sense of warmth continues.

These are just some examples, but in fact, the choice of a coating rather than another also reflects the soul of those who live there. Much also depends on the type of furniture, we take away from the simpler and more convenient to handle, the wooden floors.laminate1

The flooring you choose, as I speeded up, for its beauty, its heat, can easily match any decor, from classic up to modern.

May be a plank, slat, in other words, squares, default or solid. In all cases there is a good choice in terms of sound insulation and heat as well, combined with an ease of washing and the natural breathability of the product.

Keep in mind that the floor is wood, material still alive, this means that once installed, freely chosen by the installation (nailed, glued or floating) is in every way possible expansion or, conversely, its contraction. Attention so that moisture should not be too sir.

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